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Having a wonderful time, as my teacher Austin Pendleton is off in Boston, studying Noel Coward with the wonderful Jonathan Lynn (MY COUSIN VINNY, YES MINISTER).  Hope I'll get to put this practice to use in production somewhere! Meanwhile, I'm onstage in William Inge's last play, THE DISPOSAL.  Through Dec. 22 at And awaiting the premiere of Preston Miller's L'odge d'Oor--had so much fun on that set!

And remain so grateful having the chance to use my talents making better doctors, and helping train SANE/SAFE professionals who work with sexual assault survivors.

Here it is at last! Now you can see me as Becky, THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE! Will I survive the night? Find out!

Trying to stay warm this winter, sharpening my craft in Austin Pendleton's class at HB. What an inspiration!
and feeling the love from VICE, with their big thumbs-up for THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE. Like the reviewer, I hope it's only the beginning for this adventure!

You can still catch it on HBOGO...Thrilled to be part of HBO's HIGH MAINTENANCE season finale, playing talented Arthur Meyer's roommate. There's more
to tell, but spoilers....I think HM is the most original show on television and I'm very grateful to Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair for inviting me to come play.

and in March, a reading coming up with The Supporting Characters, of Roni Schiffres' new play (which is in title transition).  Playing a mom struggling with her marriage, her self-destructive daughter, and her own health crisis.

I'm lucky to have several projects currently on various screens.  Beginning its festival run, with me playing the Mystery Woman who haunts...or stalks? unhappy young girl, is Alexandra Keosayan's study of self-destruction and rebirth, LOOK FOR ME. Very much looking forward to seeing this beautiful project on a big screen.

Ben Leonberg's THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE premiered at Lincoln Center on May 14 and has been kicking festival monster tail, with wins for Best Short/Best Cinematography at Comicpalooza, Best Horror Short at Coney Island, and Best Actress for me at Comicpalooza!  Had a wonderful time freezing in the waters of Maryland and channeling my inner Linda Hamilton/Sigourney Weaver as I kicked some sea/river monster tail!  Come see the end results this wonderful production team created--no green screen here. Back in NYC in November!

On the live performance front, I've just completed my second year keeping my improv skills sharp--and being part of something very meaningful--working as a standardized patient...playing a character with a given backstory and symptoms as medical students hone their skills.  

Excited to be resuming work on Tim Kelly's film JACK OF HEARTS.  I'm playing the mother of my real-life daughter Molly Callahan, unhappy in my marriage like so many of my ladies, wanting to be closer to my daughter, and ripe to be enticed by something very sinister!  We first worked on this project in 2015, and now we'll be shooting periodically through summer. Speaking of...

Patrick McCarthy's new adaptation of King Lear, playing his older daughter now named Anneril.  We're modern capitalists but just as ruthless as the original family! We, THE LEARS opened the All Out Arts--Fresh Fruit Festival on July 13.
Project Rushmore's reading of the dark but often hilarious A BRIGHT NEW BOISE, playing Pauline, whose job as manager-from-Hell of a Hobby Lobby is a dream come true.
an old friend, Kathy Kafer's LINCOLN CONTINENTAL, a two-handed play spanning 30 years in the life of a father and daughter, centered around the family car--playing assisted living centers.  And just saw a wonderful cut of Nick Weiss-Richmond's VACATION FACE, in which I play Amy, the "Eeyore" family friend whose appearance, like the albatross, always signals disasters! 
Laura Shapanus' short film "Acceptance," in which I'm a librarian who bonds with Laura's struggling mom at a critical point, followed its New Filmmakers New York and Hoboken Film Festival screenings with an Audience Choice Award at New Hope and continues to visit festivals.  Very proud to be part of this powerful story. 

Spring 2014, so glad to have reunited with playwright Dick Brukenfeld on his world premiere BLIND ANGELS at Theater for the New City.  The "acting was first rate across the board," as I played a "chilly" Senator Kaye Hammond in this look at terrorism from the inside.  Fun to play an outright villain for a change!  Kept warm in winter with on-camera and theatre scene classes.  Thanks to Alaine Aldaffer, Kevin Kuffa, Michelle Bossy, Todd Thaler! Last winter I had a great time with Bill Hopkins.  When I can't get to a roaring fire...Laid down tracks for the fundraising campaign of a new musical, LIVES CROSSING/CROSSING LIVES, with the awesome Alison McKay! News there soon. 
Writer/director Nick Taylor is moving forward with his new feature screenplay, WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD, which I've already had the pleasure of doing a table read for...he's planning a fall shoot and I can't wait to play this great role.  It's always a pleasure to work with NIck, who most recently directed me in PARADISE EAST and "The Chip and Ernie Show."  Of course I always stay busy and connected to the new plays I love with The Supporting Characters writers lab.  Even got to play Faustus recently at Rockland Community College after writer/teacher Robert Gulack developed the play in lab!

I am now a proud member of Project Rushmore NYC, with whom I had a wonderful time this summer in the New York premiere of Jane Anderson's powerful THE QUALITY OF LIFE.  Originally cast as a guest artist, I am delighted to now be part of this artistic family and look forward to many more projects to come. I played Jeannette, a free spirit who's spent her adult life seeing the world through the eyes of her soulmate, and now is faced with challenges she must meet alone.

BOYS IN THE BACKROOM took another step forward as Vince Trani is wrapping up the score.  I play the damaged Reba in my adaptation of the late Le Wilhelm's haunting play.  I met Vince, who's also an actor, when we worked on QUALITY OF LIFE.  August brought the California premiere of "Mental Health," a Judd-Apatow-meets-Carol-Burnett sketch comedy pilot in which I play...Jim Morrison--yes, THAT Jim Morrison!    

End of 2012/beginning of 2013, keeping busy and sharp meantime at Weist-Barron, where I was awarded a scholarship in Bill Hopkins' excellent advanced film acting class.
 During holiday season I appeared in multiple roles at Rutherford, NJ's 12 Miles West in A CHRISTMAS CAROL: The Radio Play.  I'd previously been seen there during the spring in THE CLEAN HOUSE, in the leading role of Lane. Directed by Robert Cox, the company's Artistic Director, with an amazing cast! A wonderful story of laughter and the power of unselfish love. Review said I let the audience "see the hurt underneath her cold exterior without ever hitting a false note; her final scenes...were played so tenderly that your heart broke."  Meanwhile, I was a rocker chick for the first time since high school, new vocalist with a classic rock band which had a long history in Queens but disbanded, and reunited for a reunion gig.  I also sang in the feature film "Snow," directed by Saba, and had a blast backing up our lead singer at Madison Square Garden, courtesy of green screen.

Earlier in 2012: wrapped my role in "Acceptance,"  and working on another short by Tim Kelly. Wrapped up 2011 with reading at Blue Curtain Theatre of a new play by Robert Gulack, and appeared as Delilah in the world premiere of play with music (a cappella), LADIES OF THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Yes, I played another...lady of the night...but she's very special, in this tale of the 1930's.  Visited the 1940's in It's a Wonderful Life, the radio play, at 12 Miles West in NJ.

Meanwhile, the trailer for my upcoming feature Boys in the Backroom, with me as barfly/mascot Reba, can be seen here!   And Jasmine (Paradise East) appears in web spinoff "The Chip and Ernie Show," the holiday episode.  WARNING: Like the film which inspired it, the web series contains very strong language and adult situations.

Appeared as Emily (Arvide) Abernathy in GUYS AND DOLLS for Genesis Repertory/BAPA.  Outer Stage loved us, and mentions my "acerbic wit and lilting voice added a new dimension to the character and a deeper understanding of the plot."

I was thrilled with my segment on The Onion News Network for Independent Film Channel (IFC) as one of my damaged ladies, here the spokeswoman for the Damaged Women's Coalition's march on Washington.  Segment is online here.

PARADISE EAST is on the festival circuit, with me playing troubled mother Jasmine.  A new, more tightly edited version was recently screened at the Quad in NYC.  Footage of my money scene is here!

Highlights 2009-10

November was spent in Haverstraw, NY as the title role in Jean-Paul Sartre's THE RESPECTFUL PROSTITUTE.  Yes, another damaged lady...Lizzie McKay as a pawn in a race and class struggle in a small Southern town remains timely and disturbing today.  Had a wonderful time at Shades Rep, directed by Samuel Harps.  Doubled up some of the rehearsal period to reprise my role as FRAU DRACULA (the Prussian She-Bitch from Hell) in NYC...inflicting some of the damage this time! 

Still proud of my fifteen minutes of fame in my segment for the online ONN, which subsequently was featured on CBS Sunday Morning.  Enjoy, if you haven't seen it already, or see it again!  Appeared with Instant Shakespeare, recently featured in the NY Times for their readings of Shakespeare around NYC.  Reprised my role as lost soul Reba, the mascot of the BOYS IN THE BACKROOM by Le Wilhelm.  First onstage, then in my first feature film as actor/director.  Visit the website often for updates as we move through post!  

"Wally and the Chosen Few," in which I play an earthy MILF/La Belle Dame sans Merci (fun!), was part of the NY Downtown Film Festival  and won Best Ensemble!  Black guy meets gal at Jewish Speed Dating...!   And coming soon, "Our Gotham"'s latest episode, which I AD'd and in which I have a cameo as one of my most frequently cast roles (can you guess?)...look for me in the trailer.

AUTOPILOT, in which I play the disaffected mom of a delinquent teen, premiered at SXSW and took international festivals by storm.  Appearances include Clermont-Ferrand, Bilbao (winner Silver Mikeldi), Indielisboa, Breda, and Hamburg.  Bowed again here in the states at the Brooklyn Intl Film Fest.

I directed/edited/starred in a music video for singer extraordinaire Athena Reich, "Just Me," which won second place in her video contest and now has over 2900 views.  All about heartbreak and lost love.

THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL, or it was, at the NYC Fringe Fest.  Two businessmen have the world in the pockets of their tailored suits.  But then they get greedy with top saleswoman Janet (me), things get ugly, and they decide to eliminate the competition...literally.  Having just wrapped PARADISE EAST, I came roaring back with one of my more well-adjusted ladies.  Edge Boston (yes, Boston) and Outer Stage liked my work.  

THE MIND (scenes at the link), an indie horror feature which saw me playing another well-balanced gal (in the vein of WITH AND WITHOUT), a supportive wife whose husband is unfortunately possessed by a murderous entity, had its world premiere in Philly.  Missed it because I was working on PARADISE EAST.  I play another of my damaged ladies...Jasmine is a loving mother with some very dark secrets, who comes to a very bad end.

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